Turnkey Solutions

Design, Manufacturing & Commissioning of Distillation & Evaporation systems.

Designing & Fabrication of a single Solvent Recovery System which can be used for 3-4 given solvent mixtures.

Design & supply of Solvent Recovery Systems based on Fractional Distillation.

A few Binary & Ternary mixtures successfully separated.

Azeotrope separation using an Entrainer.

Distillation Columns.

We design, fabricate & supply Evaporators for recovery of various solvents / salts.

Evaporation systems designed and commissioned successfully.

Scrubbing & Exhaust systems.

Exhaust systems for centrifuges.

Absorption systems in order to recover solvents from air / solvents.

Expertise in Mechanical design of pressure vessels, heat ex-changers, etc.