Electrical Engineering

Understand safety zoning requirements and efficient design of electrical distribution systems.

Selection and Sizing of Transformers and Design of Substations.

Emergency power supply systems through DG sets and with AMF panels.

Design of Power Control Centers and Motor Control Centers with SFUs/ Contactors/MCCBs.

Automatic Power Factor Improvement Capacitor banks.

Earthing/ Special Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems.

Internal Electrification such as Lighting (for normal offices/ complexes as per IS:3646 and also for hazardous factory areas with FLP fixtures), power wiring/ cabling etc.,

Trouble free Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems.

Smoke Detection and Automatic Fire alarm Systems & Fire fighting systems (water and gas based).

Security Systems like Access Control Systems, CCTV Systems, Parking management systems & Building Automation Systems.

Telephone, TV and Computers Networking.