Civil/Structural /Architectural Engineering

Understand structural requirements and finishes required.

Detailed structural analysis for buildings / structures.

Working out BOQ and Preparation of tender documents

Preparation of detailed structural drawings for execution.

Preparation of fabrication drawings for structural steel works.

Detailed design and drawings for all equipment foundations.

Detailed design and drawings for storm water drains, sewerage, effluent collection pits and piping.

Detailed design and drawings for equipment supports, piperack , lifting beams etc.

Development of overall plot plan to suit modular phase – wise expansion with well defined men and material movement.

Allocation of buildings to suit Hazardous zoning, Meeting Statutory requirements, Meeting Operational requirements & Energy efficient in terms of running cost.

Detailed plans, sections and elevations of various buildings.

Finalization of Building levels and road levels to suit storm water drainage, Effluent drainage etc.

All side Elevations and 3D perspective views.

Preparation of drawings for statutory approvals.

Finishing schedule and details for doors, windows, flooring etc.,

Preparation of Working drawings and detailing.