Automation Engineering

Design and detailing of controls / Automation based on process needs.

Preparation of the instrument index data sheet.

Preparation of I / O list

Preparation of instrument specification sheets.

Vendor data review for all field instruments and Control Systems.

Preparation of Hook-up drawings, loop schematics, JB details, Cable Schedule, air header schedules.

Preparation of Instrument location layout plans, Junction Box layout, Cable tray routing layouts.

Preparation of tender specification and BOQ for Instrumentation work (Laying down the methods of erection, testing, start-up etc.)

Review vendor drawings for field instruments, control system and safety system.

Preparation of Specification for Fire Detection and Alarm systems, Access Control  System  and Door Interlock system and security system( eg. PA, CCTV etc) & Building Automation system.

Preparation of tender document for instrumentation works.